Tips to help you become a good journalist

good journalistJournalists play a vital role in the information and story collection. They are considered to be the pillars of journalism because this field can’t resist without them. Have you ever tried to be a good journalist? Or have you ever dreamed of working for a newspaper or magazine? If so, you’ve landed the right page. Here we’ll discuss the information, tips about becoming a good journalist.

Journalism is not only competitive but a highly rewarding field too. Media industry relies upon this field, even it works as a backbone for the media industry. A passion for truth, integrity, and honesty is required to become a successful journalist. Follow these important steps to becoming a good journalist. Continue reading Tips to help you become a good journalist

Where do Writing Ideas come from and how does the whole process happen

Writing IdeasA question that many beginners ask from the professional writers that where do they get the idea of writing from? And this is what normally makes you anxious while you’re about to start your writing career or have got stuck into a problem and are unable to get rid of it. And this is where you start searching for the sources from where you can derive the inspirational ideas for writing.

Are you also from among those who believe that the creative ideas just fall out of the sky? Does it sound sensible to sit back and wait for the idea to land on your lap, so you may become the top rated writer of the year? I don’t think so. You must keep it mind that success itself never comes to you, you need to get it through your effort. So stop dreaming and start doing and be successful. Continue reading Where do Writing Ideas come from and how does the whole process happen

Top Techniques for Radio Production

Radio ProductionYou may remember a few programs of radio if you’ve got a chance to listen to the radio once in a while. And the reason of remembering those specific programs is that you liked them. And the reason for liking them is undoubtedly their attractiveness. Normally what you hear is fast forgotten, therefore, you do not remember the majority of programs. The point here is to produce something that many people may find interesting or attractive. Continue reading Top Techniques for Radio Production

Running for the Hills: A family story overview

Running for the Hills: A family story overviewHoratio Clare’s parents fall in love with a place before his birth. The place was a remote sheep farm in Wales far away from their forging lives as young professionals in London. It was high on a mountain farm, nearly impassable in winter. Usually, the neighbors were unused to the foreigners. But the breathtaking setting of farm changed the life of Jenny and Robert (Clare’s parents).

This is the story from a child’s view who dreams of an alternative life. Clare’s parents thought of spending weekends and holidays up a mountain leaving a middle-class life in London. Therefore they bought a sheep farm in the Welsh hills. A conflict took place between his parents due to this farm because his father didn’t want to live there and his mother didn’t want to leave. So, finally, she permanently moved to the farm with her 2 young sons. Continue reading Running for the Hills: A family story overview

Horatio Clare’s Biography

Horatio ClareHoratio Clare is not only an excellent multi award-winning author but a radio producer and journalist too. He was born in London in 1973. He spent his childhood on a hill farm in the Black Mountains of south Wales with his brother Alexander. They both grew up there.

Before reading the English at the University of York, he attended the United World College of the Atlantic and Malvern College.

He worked as a producer on Front Row, Night Waves and The Verb at the BBC. He is the writer of two memoirs, Truant and Running for the hills. Continue reading Horatio Clare’s Biography