Where do Writing Ideas come from and how does the whole process happen

Writing IdeasA question that many beginners ask from the professional writers that where do they get the idea of writing from? And this is what normally makes you anxious while you’re about to start your writing career or have got stuck into a problem and are unable to get rid of it. And this is where you start searching for the sources from where you can derive the inspirational ideas for writing.

Are you also from among those who believe that the creative ideas just fall out of the sky? Does it sound sensible to sit back and wait for the idea to land on your lap, so you may become the top rated writer of the year? I don’t think so. You must keep it mind that success itself never comes to you, you need to get it through your effort. So stop dreaming and start doing and be successful.

For writing a creative and mind blowing story/poem characters, settings, plots, subplots and themes are also as important as having a compelling idea.

There is no lack of sources of inspiration for those who are looking to find the right ideas. Let’s have a look at the brilliant ideas that successful authors employ.

· No Imagination Necessary

Do you think that a vivid imagination is required to become a good writer? Then you may rest assure knowing that it’s just a myth and not a reality. There are many successful writers in the industry who achieved the success by very simple observations. I.e. Mark Twain’s idea of Huckleberry Finn wasn’t an idea at all. It was just based on the character he knew from real life. It was actually a replica of Twain’s Childhood friend.

You can write about any standout personality that you have among your friends. Your work will be influenced by such story same as the Tom Blankenship influenced the Mark Twain.

· Dreaming Things Up

The magical world of dreams is the source that has helped many creative people from all fields of the world from artists to inventors in finding answers and attractive ideas. An inspirational novel named “Misery” attributes a dream of Stephen King the most successful author.

Unfortunately, people don’t prefer remembering their dreams while they are hazy at best if we remember them. There are many proven techniques that you can employ to learn how to remember your dreams. Trying a few of them will definitely help you get your next extensive writing idea while you’re sound asleep.

· Political, Religious, and Social Commentary

Can you recall that major migration from Dust Bowl to California in which hundreds of thousands of people had to leave their homeland during the great depression and move to California and other western states? John Steinbeck took the inspirational idea from the series of articles that ran in the San Francisco News in 1936 and thus he created the outstanding production of his life named “The Grapes of Wrath”, in which he discussed the story of these days.

Writing Ideas are everywhere. All you need to do is keep your eyes open to get influenced and inspired by your surroundings.